Must see places in Mexico


As I have stated many times before in my blog, I tend to like to visit warm weather places.  Having grown up in the mid west I have seen my share of snow and cold weather.  Therefore, one of the countries I absolutely love traveling too, and find myself going more and more often is Mexico.

I absolutely love everything about Mexico.  I find the people and their culture to be very welcoming and interesting and am happy to say that many of them have become good friends, almost like family.  Although I am not yet fluent in Spanish, I am picking up more and more words and phrases with each journey and am able to communicate well.

In addition to the people, I also love the Cuisine.  I have a liking for chile’s and spicy food, so the diet suits me well.  I am constantly amazed by the various foods and dishes.  The ingredients vary from the coastal regions to the inland, but the overall flavors are somewhat consistent.  And one thing I virtually always find, is freshness.  Fresh ingredients are hard to mess up.

Mexico is a wonderful location that deserves to be visited by everyone who craves a sense of adventure. There are many things to see and explore and the culture is extremely rich and diverse. In this article we will take a look at some of the most enjoyable locations that are based in and around the heart of Mexico.  If you have the time I highly recommend you check one or more of them out.

Visit the City of Mexico

Mexico city is known for having a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture and style. The city has developed through out the years and is now one of the friendliest and most welcoming locations in the world. the city has a wide selection of things to do, such as museums and restaurants that are dotted around the city. Aztec architecture also lies within the city and is great to explore.

Explore the museum Of anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology is based within Mexico city and is famous for holding a wide selection of ancient art works that are both fascinating and inspiring. The museum also holds a lot of information concerning the indigenous tribes that live in the surrounding areas. There is also a section that is completely dedicated to the different areas of cultural prominence within the Mesoamerican region. This is a great exhibit that will entertain the whole family on a day out.

Visit the area of Chiapas

Another location that is popular with visitors to the area is the land of Chiapas. This beautiful area contains a selection of wonderful lakes and waterfalls that feel somewhat disconnected from the dry and urban feel of the city of Mexico. The area is full of Aztec designs and architecture, featuring carvings and frescoes among the ruins that can be found there. This is one of the few locations that has taught archeologists about the Mayan way of life that happened so many years ago. The beautiful setting that these ruins are based makes this location definitely worthy of a visit alone.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief article and that I may have inspired you to visit and explore one of these amazing places.

I look forward to sharing another interesting adventure with you soon.

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